A little background

After 37 years in journalism and conference production, plus the recent completion of a master’s degree in Communication and Leadership Studies from Gonzaga University, I’m looking for new opportunities in communication and leadership, and/or teaching.

Included on this site you’ll find:

  • My resume and related information.
  • Samples of my academic writing, including a profile of Neil Postman, whose scholarly work in the field of communication I greatly admire. Plus, for the truly committed, my master’s thesis on social presence and online learning.
  • A critical essay on journalism.
  • You’ll also find my father’s autobiography and related information. One of his last requests of me was to see to it that this was made available through the Internet. He had a remarkable, inspiring life. He is missed by all who knew him.


“You have done so much to shape and change healthcare in Idaho. Truly the Healthcare Summit is one of my favorites and is representative of the quality/impactful work you do.” — Jeff Seegmiller EdD, AT., Regional Dean/Director, Idaho WWAMI Medical Education Program, and Assistant Dean, UW School of Medicine

“Roger approaches his work with a strong sense of purpose but tempers it with a great sense of humor. He sees that relationships are everything in business and is quick to build and support those connections.” — Laura Baker – Executive Director, CyberWyoming

“Roger has served as the convener of the Idaho Healthcare Summit, which has brought together diverse stakeholders to discuss and learn about Idaho’s most pressing health issues. We are fortunate that Idaho is a small enough state that we can gather the relevant stakeholders around the table to make meaningful change in healthcare delivery, and Roger has been instrumental in bringing these groups together to learn from experts and each other – and to discuss meaningful change.” –Corey Surber, State Advocacy Director, Trinity Health

“Roger has been the catalyst to create the forum bringing all aspects of the healthcare environment to the table. The debate on how to solve healthcare challenges has been elevated to a new level chiefly due to Roger’s vision and steadfast effort to bring everyone to the table.” Norm Varin, Chairman, Employers’ Health Coalition of Idaho

“For many years, Roger — via conferences and other means — convened regional experts to discuss, and endeavor to reach consensus on, critical energy issues of incalculable importance to the region and the nation. In these divisive times, he embodies a type of ‘big tent’ leadership that is needed to help economies, citizens and the environment.” — Kipp Coddington, Director, Energy Policy & Economics, School of Energy Resources, University of Wyoming

“Roger, with your knowledge and experience you are in a position to walk into the office of any CEO or Governor in the Northwest and tell them how you can help them. This is especially true in the energy sector.” John Snyder, Ph.D., former Commercialization Manager, Idaho National Laboratory (retired)

“The Post Register? You guys changed my life.” — Adam Steed’s response upon learning a caller was from the Post Register. Adam was a victim of sexual base whose story was told in a ground-breaking series about child sexual abuse in the local Boy Scouts, published by the newspaper in 2005.